Our canine/dog suites provide all the comfort and privacy our guests need for a safe and restful nap.
Our dog suites come in two sizes:  5'x 6' or 5'x 8' with walls 6' high.  Six of our smaller suites have full size doors with tempered glass for the safety and comfort of puppies or our elderly guests.  The temperature can be adjusted to keep our guests comfortable.  Four of our larger suites have sliding doors between rooms to accommodate multiple family dogs.  Each suite will have a bed or a small dog house for our smaller guests so each may feel snug and secure!
Our unique cat condos allow our guests to enjoy five levels of safe fun play or rest in the privacy of their condo!
Each cat condo is 32"x 32" x 7' tall and has five levels. Each has a separate venting system so no cat will breathe another cat's air. The litter box is hidden on the lowest level separate from the sleeping area.  The design of this condo style allows for play and exercise.  Condos may be shared with another family cat.
Pampered pets will enjoy this luxury five-star resort includes privacy accommodations.
If you're looking for a five-star pet resort, you've found it!  Our accommodations will make your pet feel pampered and right at home.  Our facility features state of the art systems throughout the building.
Here are some of our facility features:
Radiant heat, air conditioning and purified air. 
air filtration system Air filtration system with frequent fresh air exchanges assuring no spread of airborne viruses.
Separate dog and cat ventilation system
Separate ventilation system for our feline guests.
Outdoor heated pool. Outdoor heated, in-ground pool for play and exercise for our canine guests, open daily weather permitting.  Pool time is always supervised and first-time swimmers will wear a life jacket. The pool is 12' x 22' x 4' deep.
indoor play room designed to include safety features. 1500 square foot of fun, indoor play area with rubber floors for safer play to protect your pet's joints and feet!
Clean and safe large play yards. Large outdoor play areas have synthetic grass.  We use 8 foot fence that is buried 8 inches around the perimeter.
Pets are monitored with security and intercom systems. Security system that is connected to the owner's
on-site home, music plus an intercom system!
The central vacuum system helps maintain the most clean environment possible.
Central vacuum system.
Fresh and sanitary bedding and towels are a must for our guests. Commercial-grade laundry to ensure fresh,
sanitary bedding and towels for our guests!
Nap time is 1-4pm for our doggie guests,
so tours will be given before 1:00pm
(whenever possible!)

Our feline/cat guests have well-lit rooms for safe fun or peaceful rest.